Development, production and integration of fuel consumption control systems.
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Sekee FM10 counter
Ambient temperature: from -55 °C to +85 °C
Independent of the viscosity of the measured substance and power supply.
Not sensitive to flow profile.
Fuel consumption is automatically adjusted when there is a difference in flow on the supply and return lines.
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Description of the meters
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Sekee FM, DFM meters are used to measure the volume and volumetric flow rate of diesel fuel, gasoline, liquefied gas, kerosene, petroleum, petroleum with water, fuel oil and other liquids with dynamic viscosity from 1 to 1000 mPa * s.

The meter can be used in liquid flow control systems in various industries, in stationary technological installations, land mobile facilities for refueling and pumping, in commercial metering systems on river, sea, railway transport and mechanical equipment.
Description of the meters
Sphere of usage:

- for fuel consumers: internal combustion engines, boilers, incinerators;

- in fuel preparation stations, calculating the movement of liquids in technological processes;

- at enterprises of the fuel and energy complex and other industries.
Sekee FM10
By transport
In internal combustion engines, boilers, river, sea, rail, auto and special machinery.
In enterprises
Different companies which are connected with this sphere. When calculating the movement of liquids in technological processes or on installations.
In metering systems
Sekee is used to calculate gasoline, liquefied gas, kerosene, diesel fuel, petroleum, petroleum with water, fuel oil and other liquids.
Technical characteristics of Sekee FM series meters
The meters are manufactured in accordance with TU 26.51.52-001-81895823-2020
Nominal diameter
Measured flow, Q
Outside temperature
Temperature measurement range by 1-Wire sensor
Maximum operating pressure
Ambient temperature
5 – 50
2,5 – 30 000
from -40°С to +150°С
from -55°С to +125°С
from -55°С to +85°С
Operating supply voltage, U
Imax switching
Degree of protection
Service warranty period
Calibration interval
Measurement fault
8 – 40 В
50 mA
IP 68
3 years
2 years
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The meters have all the necessary permits, licenses and certificates required by Russian law
К паспорту прилагается сертификат испытаний с производства с обязательной отметкой о проведении набора испытаний
Declaration of conformity
The passport counter
Certificate of recognition
Certificate of approval
ISO conformity certificate
Certificate of conformity IP 68
The service life of the meter is 84 months.
We give a triple quality guarantee and are liable under the contract.
Warranty period - 36 months
We officially prescribe in the contract and secure a legally unprecedented guarantee for the production time.
Guaranteed service life of the measuring chamber - 30,000 hours.
At constant flow rate not higher than nominal and 9000 hours at maximum flow.
Time between failures - 75,000 hours
Provided that the meters are installed and operated in full accordance with our recommendations for use.
Warranty safe conditions

The conditions for maintaining the device warranty are described in the operating instructions. The warranty for the device remains subject to the completion of the device passport.
The meters should be stored in individual manufacturer's packages at the consumer's warehouse at temperatures from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C and relative humidity from 65% at + 20 ° C to 80% at + 25 ° C.

For long-term storage, counters should be stored in dry, heated rooms.
Storage and packaging information
Estimated delivery time of products
All products offered on the official web-site are certified, packaged appropriately and can be shipped to the buyer within five working days from the manufacturer's warehouse.
max 5 day
The scheme of connection to controller
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Principle of the process
Sekee FM, DFM series liquid fuel meters operate on the principle of an annular plunger meter.

The peculiarity of the principle is a large measuring range, high accuracy, independence from the viscosity of the measured substance and from the power supply, as well as insensitivity to the flow profile.

Each movement of the plunger generates an electronic pulse on an electronic reader (hall sensor).

For high-quality fuel metering at consumers with a differential fuel flow scheme, as well as for monitoring the flow temperature, a 1-Wire, a temperature sensor is built into the sensor's electronic board. This allows you to automatically adjust the fuel consumption at a differential flow with a difference in flows on the supply and return lines.

The sensor is used in control and measurement systems. Connection to the reader is obligatory. For a differential measurement scheme, we recommend using consumption controllers KR-101, KR-102, manufactured by "Technodar" Group of Companies.
– Fuel consumption meter - 1 pc.
– Meter passport - 1 pc.
– Test certificate with the mark of Quality Control Department - 1 pc.
- Mating part of the connector for connecting the meter to the recorder - 1 piece.
– Package - 1 pc.
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