Development, production and integration of fuel consumption control systems.
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Our company makes all supply chains which are connected with our field of work. Integrating and maintaining liquid meters and fuel control systems.
The Sekee work on a turnkey basis — from project development to starting the process.
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— Guaranteed average time between failures - 75,000 hours
— Guaranteed camera resource - 30,000 hours
— Sensor warranty period - 36 months
All meters are developed by a group of companies called "Technodar", with considering extreme operating conditions.
They are used in fuel consumption control systems of any complexity: from terrestrial transport to energy industry enterprises.
Sekee FM5
By 2021, our meters have been installed on more than thousands of ships and tens of thousands of onshore objects around the world.
Sekee FM10
Sekee FM10D
Sekee FM16
Sekee FM20
Sekee FM26
Sekee FM40
Sekee FM50
Meters are used in control systems and complex solutions for various industries.
To control water transport
For drilling rigs
For vehicles
/ special machienery
For railway/trains transports
For stationary objects
To control water transport
There were installed self-consumption control systems based on Sekee FM, DFM series sensors, fuel delivery and acceptance units, control of load time, operating time of all units, shaft generator speed, control of liquid temperature, exhaust gas temperature, data retrieval from the CPU (ISU TS) of the vessel and transfer of all data to DOTS software.
Our clients:
Dobroflot, Rosmorrechflot, Rosmorport, MRTS, Administrations of Volgo-Balt, Volgo-Don, Morvenna, YAMS (NOREBO Group of Companies), Salmonica, Araks, ARK, Volzhskoe Shipping Company, Marine Rescue Service, Atomflot.
For drilling rigs control
There were installed special equipment to control fuel consumption for each unit based on sensors of the Sekee FM, DFM series, control of fuel residues in consumable containers, control of acceptance, delivery and storage of oil products at oil depots with the transfer of all data online to the DOTS software.
Our clients::
NEU (Axioma service), INK Drilling, Orenburg Drilling, Krasnodar Drilling, Urengoy Drilling, EUROCEMENT Group, Gazpromneft Shipping, Severstal.
For vehicles / special machienery
There were installed the special equipment for online monitoring, consumption control, drains and refueling with reference to time and place - more than 20,000 units of transport.
MRTS, EUROCEMENT Group, enterprises of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Karelia, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Volgograd, Voronezh.
For railway/trains transports
There were installed equipment to control the own consumption of each mobile railway machienery, all drains, refueling, fuel residues, control of revolutions, operating hours, temperatures of liquids with reference to time and place with online data transfer to DOTS software.
Our clients:
LafargeHolcim Russia, diesel locomotives, quarry equipment, cement trucks, Sinarapromtrans, Russian Railways (contractors).
For monitoring stationary objects
For monitoring stationary objects, equipment has been installed on hundreds of diesel power plants providing electricity to settlements, drilling and mobile complexes with the transfer of all data to the DOTS software.
KSM, diesel generators Yamalkommunenergo, Severo-Onega bauxite mine.
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